An IoT platform to trace the physical and digital world with blockchain

What is it?

TrueTrace is a dApp developed under the ethereum blockchain used to trace physical and digital assets in real time or in deferred time using blockchain. This database of objects refers not only to the position of the asset, but also to any attribute that is considered to be of interest for its identification or use, such as its previous owner, hours of use, miles performed, recorded problems, or any other attribute that may be of interest. TrueTrace uses any AIDC interface to identify assets and an Internet of Things platform to perform the registration and tracking.

At this time we are including real life assets as Zip Security, the first locker for textile zips. Using the blockchain chracteristics of Zip Security, we will be able to trace any case or suitcase using it in realtime and we will be able to track any event to this class of assets. We are integrating in TrueTrace most of the AIDC interfaces of IoT in order to be able to track almost any digital or phisycal asset.


Thanks to Blockchain technology, the information collected on any object is stored permanently, with the guarantee that it won´t be modified.


It is a distributed and open technology, so, the integration process on any system or application is very simple.


All transactions are digitally signed, allowing the recipient and the system to validate them. It is free of problems such as SPAM or impersonation. The digital signature allows to verify the authorship of any of the transactions stored.


It is an easy way to share information with third parties. The object is registered using its AIDC (Automatic Data Identification and Capture). Anyone who is part of the chain can access the whole history of the asset in real time.

How does it work?

TrueTrace allows tracking any object in a shared and immutable way
The first blockchain based tracking platform

The traceability of objects is a great challenge for the logistic industry. Millions of companies trade goods around the world. Having a reliable control over where they are and who is manipulating them is a big challenge nowdays.

New players are joining the logistics industry. It is no longer a industry related to some multinationals operating worldwide. New services appear every day, which increases competition and reduces the price for consumers. This fact is complicating the process of traceability of any good.

True Trace is a traceability system based on a technology such as Blockchain, which makes easy to have a single repository where storing traceability records of any object or asset, in a simple and accessible way, with the degree of advertising you desire.

A True Trace user simply has to use one of the different location methods for AIDC (Automatic Data Identification and Capture) objects, such as bar codes, QR, RFID, etc, to identify the asset for the first time within the application. The next owner of the object will be able to identify it again without knowing who owned it previously, since the system does the pairing automatically through blockchain. Any user with the identification of the object will be able to access, from anywhere in the world, without the need of any credentials, to the whole tracking history of the object. This history is also immutable despite being public, given the characteristics of the blockchain technology.